Rip, fuck bet, Rip...
"Bro just rip"
"Who says bet anymore fags..RIP out"
от Jewcrew 14 септември 2004
any action relating to anything.
Do you wanna rip and get a sandwich?
Do you guys wanna rip?
Did you rip her or what?
от Clark Kiesling 16 май 2005
a cigarette.
Let me get a rip from you.
Do you have any rips?
от Chad Deese 17 октомври 2003
Revolution In Progress
There is a R.I.P.
от Lawlsbx 29 април 2009
Roll In Piss
R.I.P. Old Meidl.
от RIPOM 03 април 2009
rest in pieces-mutliation of a body after a murder

what stephen grant said to tara grant r.i.p. bitch
от badonakdonk butt 25 март 2007
see ripping
Also, - a dead racist ass wanker who got shot cause of being racist
Looks at that rips, servz im rite
от whatdodialtogetoutofthematrix 21 януари 2004

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