The funniest thing on the internet. Also, the person above me is a large fucktard, as there is no motion capture in RvB. Eat it, cockbite.
"I went to Red vs. Blue and watched episode 2 thrity times before returning to wanking to Morrigan hentai"
от Sarge 22 октомври 2003
An extremely popular machinima series made by using the Halo Xbox game series. The characters are placed in a boxed canyon in the middle of no-where on an alien planet. As new characters are introduced, the canyon becomes a dangerous place. The machinima has great comedy and an awesome story. The characters keep it alive.
In episode 76 of Red V.S. Blue, when Church, Doc, and Caboose are discussing the condition of Tucker once he starts getting stomach cramps and mood swings.

Church: "Tell us Doc, we can take it."

Doc: "Your friend is-"

Caboose: "Dying? Oh no!"

Doc: "No he's not dying, he just has-"

Caboose: "No chance to live? I knew it."

Church: "Caboose, one more interruption from you, and he's going to have two patients."

Doc: *sighs* "How do I say this? Your friend is-"

*long pause*

Church: "Why are you pausing? Caboose is not gonna interrupt you this time."

Doc: "No, that was just for dramatic effect. He's pregnant."

Caboose: "Oh god... Wait, what?"
от CookieMuncherMuchies 17 юли 2009
1. Some kind of political thing.

2. One of the best (note: your mileage may vary) machinimas out there, and better than more than half the stuff on television. Featuring at the beginning two teams fighting over a useless canyon, over time it grew into something more. In RvB: The Blood Gulch Chronicles, they start out, you get comfortable with the characters, the rookies are introduced, then Tex, Church's ex girlfriend comes in. She kills Pvt. Franklin Delano Donut, the Red rookie. Later, "Doc" DuFresne comes in and heals both teams. Before the Reds and Blues try to save Church and Griff and stop O'Malley(an AI), who has taken over Doc, hired a dangerous freelancer from Tex's past (Agent Wyoming), and of course convinced the Reds' robot, Lopez, to join them. After a freak accident with the weather machine (you have to see it) the everyone but Church is sent to the future (in Halo 2 maps), while he is sent to the past (Marathon maps). Church tries to fix the bad things that happen in Blood Gulch, but ends up causing them. He eventually gets back to the future (not the movie lol) and eventually the Reds and Blues find the future version of Blood Gulch, and crazy shit goes on. Tucker gets impregnated by an alien, has a baby, Griff's sister comes and joins the Blue Team and in the end.... You have to see it. No, seriously. I can't tell you the awesomeness and funny in this. It'd be kinda like dividing by zero. Later there are more series, but I have no more room. Alas...
Some Red VS Blue quotes:

Sarge: Ah!!! Repent! Repent!
Donut: Sarge, you're not in hell!

Simmons: Griff and I are on a peninsula-

Doc: You'd be surprised what Caboose'll do for a cookie and some juice!
Caboose: Church... If I die... I want you to have my cookie!
от Darth Anonyseudonym 03 януари 2010
One of the best internet shows going created by placing pre recorded vocals over Halo gameplay however CGI is mixed in with machinima elements in the later seasons.

Seasons 1 - 5
Revolve around two groups of soliders engaged in a civil war between Red Team and Blue Team.

The Red Team consists of Sarge, Simmons, Grif & Donut while Blue Team members are Church, Tucker, Caboose however early on hire a mercenary called Tex to join their ranks.

Seasons 6 - 8

Adding on to the story already set in the previous seasons both teams with the aid of Agent Washington are united in order to face a common enemy The Meta. Subtle hints in the previous seasons also come together to announce a big revelation about one of the main characters.

Seasons 9 - 10

Provides more of a backstory on Project Freelancer while also keeping us informed with current on goings between Red and Blue Team.

That was a brief introduction to the epicness of Red vs Blue also known as RvB and you should watch it for yourself at
Tell me why you're here, do you even know yourself?
Do you belong here? You don't fit anywhere else...
Don't feel betrayed, only we can wipe the slate clean,
Does it even matter? It only matters that we're here...

Were you right to... Give your life to...
Someone else to (run it for you?)
Do you wish you... Kept your life too...?

Good to conquer evil,
Lies to fight the truth,
Are any of us only saints or sinners,
Or is it always...

Red vs Blue?

- Red vs Blue OST

Jeff Williams
от Damn Wench 24 октомври 2012
An absurdly overrated and morbidly dull and boring web show. Watched mostly by obsessive fanboys/girls
z0mG red vs blue iz teh b3st fukin sh0w eva b1ch!!!!!11!11
от abcdef123happy man 13 декември 2009
A wholly unfunny, unoriginal, and retarded piece of flaming shit made by a couple of douchebags who lounge around all day with their shitloads of cash that they get from stupid fans that think they care at all about them instead of actually making the 5 minute pieces of said flaming shit. Srsly now they only just reached 100 episodes after running it since 2004, what the fuck. It was kind of funny at first but that was fucked up when they decided to make a ludicrously stupid story that came to a "we couldnt finish what we started" kind of gay ending. The forums were pretty good too till they got fucked up by the flood of stupid Galo 2 mainstream fanboys and the moderators became Tyrannical fucks.
Normal person: Hey lets go do something outside.

C@b0os3F@n36: Fuck that I need to sit on Red vs Blue so I can
wait for the next episode that I paid $10 to get
one day earlier. LOL Donut said something gay
and Church is being a dick HAHAHHAHAHALOL.
от WTF is a Rosie! 24 август 2007
A very poor attempt to make comedy from a game using clones of Master Chief. Horrible acting, here is why:

Gus - A freakin' chinese 4 foot nerd.
geoff - Pot smoking addict. Been doing it for 8 years.
Jason - Likes to drown himself in soda.
Burnie - A Texas redneck.
Dan - Ex. hax0r for the pie crew.
Kathleen - A wannabe slut.
Joel - Only normal guy from rvb crew.
Matt - Another Texas redneck.
Yomary - Likes to fool around with Geoff.

red vs blue was a thrown out idea in Hollywood. Thats where Gus was kicked in the balls by a thug because he started to attack the manager viciously.

от Superman22 23 април 2005
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