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To pwn, to kick the ass of whomever you're releasing the kraken on
I'm totally going to release the kraken on that test tomorrow
от ashraptor 31 март 2010
190 103

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The act of shitting after a long period of constipation.
Kyle: "Man, I haven't taken a shit in a week."

Nick: "Dude! It's about time you release the Kraken!"
от Hombre-Oso-Cerdo 2 16 януари 2011
148 94
–verb (used with object) To take a dump / to take a number two, also used when a male is going to pull out his penis
Mike is busy releasing the Kraken.
Hey Honey, let's go to our room and I will release the Kraken.
от Kompute Kellys 07 април 2010
72 61
A phrase yelled when using the toilet, taking a poo, flushing a toilet, etc. Derived from a famous line in "Clash of The Titans" when "that one guy unleashed that giant sea monster."
"Hold on, I need to take a dump." Roommate- "RELEASE THE KRAKEN!"
Walks into public restroom-(yells)"Release the Kraken!"
от RedZebra 26 ноември 2010
9 4
When an angry bull-dyke pulls out the biggest dildo in her arsenal.
When Martha was finally able to fit her fist into Gertrude's vaginal canal she knew it was time to "Release the Kraken!"
от valet6969 05 октомври 2010
115 112
As Larry lifted his leg he proclaimed, "Release The Kraken!"
от cmjvikes 09 април 2010
11 25
to take a massive shit
My brother just called me to tell me that he was going to have to Release the Kraken in his toilet.
от el_duderino_ 18 март 2010
49 63