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1) Retailiation represents a kind of retail or consumer competition amongst or between retail establishments (brand, store, company).

Retailiation is a very specific 'brand' of retaliation: economic retribution exacted by one retail establishment (brand, store, company) against another.

2) When a shopper, purchaser, consumer is displeased with a retail establishment, for whatever reason, the person exercises retailiation by refraining from shopping at a particular retail store or company, or by spreading to one's personal networks information about the displeasurable experience.

A boycott of a retail establishment (brand, store, company) is a kind of retailiation.

Note: This word, retailiation, is often a typographical error when the intended word is "retaliation."
1) When the mom and pop hardware store dropped its prices on snowblowers, Wal Mart's retailiation was swift and devastating as the Big Box store chose to sell snowblowers at a price that represented a significant loss, in order to put the small business out of business.

1) To the delight of drivers, the two gas stations on the same corner engage in perpetual retailiation by continually undercutting the other's prices.

2) Because some people disagreed with the position of a talk show host, they exercised retailiation (i.e. they retailiated) against the show's sponsoring advertisers, until the sponsors rescinded their support.
#economic retribution #economic retaliation #boycott #competition #consumerism #materialism #retail #shopping #prices #deals
от Neologian-PJG 28 ноември 2011
When you get too drunk embarrass her and your girlfriend decides that you both should go shopping early the next morning. You're hungover, she's spending your money, you have to join her, and all you can do is watch.
You had a good time on Friday night but you can expect some level of retailiation; like 9am on Saturday at Ikea.
#hangover #hall pass #false dawn #wasted #anxiety
от gabrielneu 24 ноември 2013
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