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a special crazy girl who is a brown haired fire ball who can be shy at times and is drop dead beautiful she is fun and can be a flirt but guys stare but cant get the guts to talk to her she loves music she has big brown eyes that sparkle when she talkes she has a odd but hot clothing style she is very unique and amazingly talented she dreams of being better which is hard to imagine for her she is loyal and truly a fun person she has unique food taste and likes all sorts of music she has a ghetto ass and big boobs she has a tall nice shape and wavy/curly hair.
sabrina has ghetto ass curly hair fun unique
от her best fran 05 април 2009
Someone who is loving, smart, beautiful, and makes the life of a Vincent complete.
Sabrina Maeve Flood-Wylie, will you marry me?
от Vinciente fox 10 юли 2008
One of the nicest people you will meet. She has your back all the time, starts trends, and can pull off emo one day and preppy the next. Everyone smiles when they hear her name. Guys swarm around her, not just to be boyfriends, but friends too. Just to know her is a benefit to your entire life. Keeps secrets when you can't even tell your parents your problems. Girl you wanna sit by and hold her hand. She will make you feel guilty out of your mind if you hurt her just by ignoring you.

Synonyms: Nice, kind, funny, sweet, trustworthy, cute, hot, benefit to your whole life

Antonyms: mean, unfair, nerd, play- hata, weird, undateable
"Wow! That Sabrina makes me feel so damn jealous."

"OhMeGod, that Sabrina just made our uniforms in style! How'd she do it?!?!"

"Sabrina isn't in a gang. She's too fly."

Guy 1: "Whose that chick in the middle of that crowd of guys?"
Guy 2: "That's Sabrina you n00b! Make room, I'm goin in!"

"Look at that Sabrina with her bright nail polish and stunner shades!"
от Brandnewday 02 май 2009
A very rare and unique girl who can be reallly sarcastic,witty, super cool, funny and sexy.

One of the nicest people you will meet. She's always got your back if you are a true friend. Everyone loves to hang out with her. Men are drawn to her by her stare, but she can be shy at times. Knows alot of people and has more male friends, than female friends. Doesn't like to be caught up in gossip and just wants everyone to get along. If you confide in her, she will keep your secrets forever and never betray your trust. If you scorn her, she will retaliate by ignoring you and making you feel unimportant.
If Sabrina's going to the party then I'll definitely be there!
от Caramelo T 04 февруари 2010
An amazing girl who everyone likes and is perfect in every way possible. She's beautiful, smart, funny, sweet, caring, trustworthy, astonishing, and so much more. She is every guys dream and is a perfect role model for other girls. She
knows exactly what to say to a boy to drive him crazy. Her smile is worth doing anything and everything just to see it. Everything about her is perfect, there is not one single thing that is bad about her. There are no possible words that could describe what she is like because i have never seen anything like it, she is literally perfect in every way. And she is my angel <3
I can't stop thinking about Sabrina, she is always on my mind and i love her so much that words don't even describe it anymore. There is no on in the world that could compare to Sabrina.
от Jake15 19 април 2010
A very smart girl, short, funny, and highly intelligent. Most likely the smartest girl in the room. She's very shy and quiet until you get to know her. Their is absolutely no way that you can't love her. She'll help you study and make sure the best happens for you if she likes you.
Usually nicknamed Brina or Sabre.
"Hey, i just got an 83 on that History test. Good thing i studied with Sabrina."
от 4 | 1oh | oh9 13 юни 2009
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