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A person(s) that leaves a definition on a web site, defacing definitions and claiming that certain definitions are not fit to reside in cyberspace. This person is usually guilty of doing that which he/she is accusing others of doing.
"I hate people that sit around all day and leave comments on websites that suck...oh, wait....that's me. Damn."
от beebo 18 април 2005
25 9
The sorta people that leave really pathetic definitions on here as they have nothing better to do!
U lot are sad bastards
от Stevie 08 септември 2004
18 9
People who spend all day posting (especially threads) on NME.com's forum instead of working.
Everyone on NME.com (especially Screwy) are sad bastards
от donny osmonds mums gorilla 21 декември 2006
8 10