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that peculiar satisfaction which arises from an understanding of the (often ludicrously simple) mechanisms by which others are scammed, defrauded and swindled.

Schwindelfreude unlike schadenfreude entails no absolute failure of empathy or compassion for one's fellow man.

The experience now called schadenfreude has been with us a long time and Aristotle uses the the term "epikhairekakia" for the pleasure derived from witnessing the dismal fortune of another.

The experience now called schwindelfreude appears to have passed unnoted by Aristotle. But as swindle and rip-off are an inevitable feature of human relationships that curious satisfaction which settles upon us as we process an account of the latest scam was probably just as well known to our ancestors.
I was reading your most informed article on explosion of the G spot scam. As a matter of fact I am in grip of Two Million Eight Hundred Thousand United States Dollars (US$2,800,000.00) and need your co-operation to use this Money without any problem for research schwindelfreude in this G spot area. I would appreciate the names and contact details of all the female twins you mention.
Telegraph 06/01/2010 Comments "So the G spot doesn't exist after all? Thank God"
от genericwaz 07 януари 2010
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