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a shocker is were a man (male person) stickes his fingers into his bellend called a (docking) well shitting in the bed.

shitter + docker = shocker :)
My friend aaron came into college and told everyone about his shitty ass docking... so we called it a name

Shocker (SD)

Unlucky for aaron he was the owner of this name and claimed it when he did it!!

the only person who would even try it what a Shocker!!
от rick stane 10 юни 2008

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shocker shocker sd aaron kelly docking pete shit in the bed shit the bed shocking
and shocker sd is where you shit in the bed well docking
aaron kelly was the first shocker, now that was a shock and half lol making his first Shocker (SD)
от rick stane 11 юни 2008