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One of the most n00b-friendly Linux distros out there. The latest version of SuSE takes up Five 650MB CD Rs and can resize a Windows partition during the installation. Defaultly supports MP3s, DivX, and other formats, as a pose to redhat.
SuSE is cool, but not as cool as Gentoo.
от restin256 16 януари 2004
Derived from the spanish word {Susia} meaning dirty...is normally used as an adjective but can sometimes be a noun--suse also means nasty slut
(adj) Her clothes are make her look so susy.

(noun) O man, look at that suse over there, rubbing up on that guys crotch!
от Sarah Jay 24 март 2005
Mistyping of dude.
suse, that was awesome!
от Neuroflux 05 август 2014