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An awesome singer/songwriter. He first started in 2003.
One of my favorite songs from The Dream is "I Luv your girl"
#rapper #singer #songwriter #pervert #man
от Crazy4music 17 юли 2008
An african/american
The dream is an awesome singer
#singer #rapper #songwriter #pervert #boy
от DaveighLacrosse 17 юли 2008
the dream is being a rapper with gay sunglasses, but an amazing voice
"do you see that guy with the gay sunglasses?"
"yeah! thats the dream!"
#the dream #the #dream #rapper #gay #sunglasses
от hottienextdoor 03 юни 2009
The utopian society hippies hoped to create.
These fat capitalist pigs are stopping us livung the dream!
от Paisley 28 март 2005
The utopian society that hippies hoped to create in the future.
"soon well be livin' the dream"
от Paisley 29 март 2005
An annoying R&B singer that sings about the same stuff in his songs and they all sound the same. His voice sounds like some weird mouse and he teams up with Mariah, which should be done completely by Mariah Carey.

But he has some catchy song though.

And he always begins his song with Radio Killa.
The dream sucks at first but he grows on you.
#radio killa #ayyyyyy #r&b #t pain #mariah carey #gangsta #gay #annoying
от Kyle 230 27 юли 2009
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