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Getting turned is to get extremely high/baked.
Dude look at tyler, he is so turned right now.
от Timmy the Turner 05 септември 2011

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A poker term. Similar to rivered except the card that helps your opponents hand is the 4th card instead of the 5th.
Jack has As Ks
Jane has Ah Qh

Flop comes Ad 10d Kd
Turn comes Jd

Jack was turned.
от Joshdajoker 13 април 2008
1. a defineition to discribe when a vampire changes a mortal into a vampire.
2. When a holy/shaman man displays his unflinching faith in the face of evil and that evil is repelled.
1. When I become a god all mortals in my path will be intantly turned.

2. As the malevolent spirits approached their last refuge form the turmoil he was able to turn them away.
от Tyrumble 02 юли 2006