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The act of going crazy at a party;Wanting go to a party for an awesome time!
Lily:That part was so sick last night!
Julia:Yeah we were so turnt up! Lol
от Justin's OLLG 31 август 2013
phrase coined by Juicy J and Wiz Khalifa that basically means to go HAM at a party, usually while intoxicated.
Brian: "What's up? Did you go to Dave's party last night?"

Zack: "Hell yeah, man I was so turnt up!"
от mr1o3 23 юни 2013
A homosexual erection.
Me: Yeah, my man is turnt up.
от Bro Aaron 05 май 2013
Means on point or on deck
That party last night was turnt up!
от BTBTheProducer 05 септември 2009