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A contraction of: it was not
'Twasn't the night before christmas.
от The-Whale-Bullier 17 април 2011
12 2
The Old English new age combination of the words: It, Was, and Not.
"What night did that burglar break into the house?"

"T'wasn't the night before Christmas."

"You're a douche."
от Benjiforce1 30 септември 2010
6 2
the area on a man between the nutsack and the asshole
if twasnt there - your insides would fall out
от Beaver660 05 август 2006
9 5
Its an alternate form of saying the word "Taint."
She tickled the area near my undercarriage that twasnt my balls or ass.
от Steve 13 декември 2003
9 28