A good, quality skate shoe company that classifies their products into "new school" (for those who actually intend to skate in them) "old school" (which are worn usually to make a statement, most popular are slip-ons) and most recently, "no school". Vans also makes a couple of lines that are worn by abnoxious, (I'd hate to say it, but...) posers. Most people that tend to diss Vans are really just dissing these lines, and rethink their critical views when they realize that Vans sponsors really worthy events, like the Vans Warped Tour.
Person 1: Cool shoes, those Vans?
Person 2: Yeah, they're my only pair
Person 1: Yeah, I don't tend to wear the old schools because I can't skate in them and they wear out easily
Person 2: I know, I like them worn though
от Triston 18 юли 2005
old skater shoes thats quick slip on and offs that are comfortable but now are coming back in style also known in bay area songs
"i got ma vans on but they look like sneakers,
i got ma vans on but they lok like sneakers,
i got ma vans on but they look like sneakers,
wearin coat white but ma vans look clean"

"i slip em on slip em off cuffing ma pants"
#skater shoes #van #boating shoes #old shoes #punk rock shoes
от elita 16 април 2006
a good pair of shoes, so what if soo many people wear them, you shouldn't worry about what other people wear, most new vans coming out today have snazzy designs that fit almost anybodys personality, ALSO you don't have to be some different label to buy them, you just have to be a person looking for a good deal on a pair of shoes that will last you a while.
person #1:"damn....I need some shoes, but I want some colored wacky ones.."

kid with vans:"you should buy some vans bro, I'll bet you'll find some for you!"

person #1:"I don't have much money, I don't know, them Jordans be running expensive.."

kid with vans: "naw bro, they got em in your size and style..just check it out, plus dey cheap..like 50 bucks or cheaper!"

person #1: "oh fo realz? ight dats sweet!!"
#vans #checkered #conformity #durability #shoes #skate
от jojolokz 04 февруари 2007
Skater shoes worn by skater, ex-skaters, people going to start skating, people who hang with skaters, or people that just want to look cool so wear the shoes (which makes up most of the majority)
Vans come in forms like: Checkered, skulls, hearts, stars, picture formers, plain
#vans #shoes #slip #ons #skaters
от ChickenAdoboDirector 12 август 2008
vans are originally for skates
classic vans are super cool=) everybody is wearing them .. skates are wearing them, emos are wearing them, preps are wearing them :O
prep: omg what are those?
person: vans
prep: omg they're like super cool
#vans #prep #trendy #fashion #skate
от elle sechslingloff 14 октомври 2006
A shoe company that started up back in the 1960's. They make skateboarding shoes that are relatively inexpensive and are generally comfortable. Originally worn exclusively by skaters, now every fucking Hollister and Abercrombie brat has the fugly checkered slip ons because they are fucking trendwhores who buy into whatever is "in". It's kinda ironic how they went from being lyk totally gangsta G dawg wearing Nikes and listening to 50 Cent to being lyk totally punk rawker and listening to Simple Plan.

Other than the fugly slip ons, Vans makes good shoes.
This what a compliment on someone's Vans should look like:

Dudeman #1: Hey dude, I like your Vans. Half Cabs?

Dudeman #2: Yeah, I bought them at Zumiez. Really comfortable shoes.

This is how the conversations usually go:

Heather: Ohh mah gawd Becky, I lurrvvv your checkered Vans!!!!!

Becky: I know, we are like so totally punk rawker!!!!

Heather: We should, like, go listen to like, Simple Plan!!!!

Becky: Yeah!!!! And after that we'll waste our parents' money on overpriced clothing at Hollister!!!!

Heather: Like oh my gawd totally!!!!

#vans #trend #fad #preppy #trendy
от GOD DOMMIT FRONK 25 декември 2008
best skate shoe ever!
worn not only but skaters,but non-skaters as well.
they also last forever!
got my vans on, but they look like sneakers...
#shoes #vans #skate #sneakers #skaters
от ktyripp 30 декември 2007
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