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Shore town in South Jersey in Cape May county. Popular vacation spot. Has many hotels, two miles of boardwalk with a few amusement parks, and a very annoying tram system that rides up and down the board.

Wildwood basically refers to these four towns: Wildwood, Wildwood Crest, North Wildwood, and West Wildwood.
As I was walking down the Wildwood boardwalk, the tram came up behind me and the old lady pulled the trigger to make the nasally, pre-recorded woman say "Watch the tram car, please. Watch the tram car, please."
от DarkDan 28 януари 2004
a shore point on the jersey shore that has the best boardwalk one could ever set eyes on. seperated into four main parts, wildwood is located on a small isand called five mile island. although, more ghetto than ocean city or sea isle, wildwood, is a good time for everyone. most vistors to wildwood come from the philadelphia area. and no trip to wildwood, is complete without a trip to groffs restaruant.
I've benn going to wildwood ever summer since i was born, and it only gets better.
от mwphilly 16 януари 2007
Wildwood is an island located in New Jersey. It has a lot more bars, attractions, a 2 mile boardwalk, and a long beach. People from Philadelphia tend to be the bigger population of the island, unlike Sea Isle and Ocean City which are populated by suburban families. It's a great time for the family but if you're a regular, tourists are very annoying. They tend to mistake the foot washer for a bathing and changing station. During senior week is the worst time of year for Wildwoodians due to, well,SENIORS. Though it may have a SLIGHTLY dirtier beach, it's still pretty clean for the most part. The comparisons for this and Sea Isle and Ocean City is Isle and City are cleaner with nicer neighborhoods, but with hardly anything to do. Basically, if you like organised and sound suburbs with a great beach, go to Ocean City and Sea Isle. If you like a nicer version of a major city with a LOT to do with a nice beach, choose Wildwood.
Girl 1: Hey, you wanna go to Sea Isle with me?

Girl 2: Nah, I'm going to Wildwood. There's more to do any way.

Girl: Oh ok.
от Marmarjr 10 август 2012
A mixed drink involving a Bud Light Lime and a portion of vodka.
Hey cupcake, go fix Uncle Seth a wildwood.
от Banana Grabber 10 декември 2011
Wildwood: An awesome school where you can ditch classes and not get in trouble, where rich kids and celebrities’ kids go. A school full of potheads where the teachers are crazy and no one cares if they fail every class. Also known as Wildweed to other private schools. Where there are no grades (you either exceed, meet, approach or Does not meet) and if you get exceeds you are thought of as a nerd. We hardly have any. Where getting Does not meet is fine and no one minds. Where everyone has a clique and middle schoolers go to big fancy parties and get drunk on sugar and dance all night. Where at parties all the girls wear strapless dresses and the guys take off their shirts to get tattoos. Where if you ask someone out the whole school will know within ten minutes. Where everyone has an iPhone 4s and a MacBook pro. Where everyone watches R rated movies and stays up in their bed watching TV all night long. Where untalented, rich, weed-smoking kids go. You should come to Wildwood its really fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Really? you go to wildwood? Awesome!!!!!!!! I wish my parents would send me there!
от iamamazingeveryonesoloveme! 10 юни 2012
1. A beach-town located in New Jersey
2. A town full of rambunxious horney teens trying to get laid
3. a hard-on that just can not be tamed
1. Wanna go to Wildwood for senior week? Hellz no!
2. This thailand whore house reminds me of an all-girl Wildwood.
3. uhhh, teacher, i cant come get the paper at the moment. -WHY NOT, BILLY?- uhh, i got wildwood -HAHA! GO TO THE OFFICE! HA!-
от Franklin Delano Roosevelt 13 декември 2004
The awesomest school in the world and the kids there don't care if people call them spoiled and rich and obnoxious (which they are NOT) because they know that, "so what if my dad is famous?" Wildwood teaches kids to be themselves and to not care about what people say about them. Wildwood grades so you don't feel obligated to get A's, just to meet the expectations, or even approach is good enough. Wildwood understands that everyone learns at their own pace. Wildwood is the best school you could possibly go to.
Oh my gosh, did you hear?! SHE GOES TO WILDWOOD!!!!! THAT AWESOME SCHOOL!!!!!!
от malibugrl 16 март 2011
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