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A womanizer is a man who repeatedly gets emotionally and sexually involved with other women while - not necessarily - being in a primary relationship. He indulges in flirtatious behaviors, attracting women with his charm and wooing conduct. Womanizing males are often very charming, appealing, and may even seem vulnerable, which many women find most endearing. Along with the playful seduction come flattering words, gifts, entertainment and fun activities bestowed upon his momentary love interest.
After he dropped you off, he called Ashley for a date. Don't you see it!? He's just a womanizer!
от Walpy 27 юли 2009
162 277
according to BritneySpears a womanizer is a man who gets seduced and beat up by a brunette, then by a red-head and finally by a taxi driver, who drives very well with her feet.
-Holly crap a brunette, redhead and a blond want me all together?!!?!!
-Dave, you're such a womanizer!
от wild0thing0 26 октомври 2008
168 283
loves to chase women; is chased by women; a real dork
dude andy is such a womanizer
от fruitnip 15 май 2005
74 198
An asshole who pursues woman as a sport as trys to get in thier pants through charm.
see michael langford
Michael womanizer with the apartment realator, every waitress he sees, and pretty much every thing that doesnt have a penis.
от YuoKcuf 02 януари 2009
204 369
a man who makes every woman fall head over heals in love with him, and he already has like 1,000,000,000,000,000,000 other girl friends.
james short is such a womanizer
от james short 14 март 2007
1503 1689
a man who makes a girl think he likes her when he really just wants sex & has a whooole bunch of otheer women.
от rachel & kristina 28 септември 2008
279 494
A stupid person thats democratic or in other words,basically any democrat.
"Stewart is such a womanizer."
от the black power ranger 06 март 2007
35 310