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Am Right Back, used after BRB when you return to chat.
User 1: brb
User 2: k
User 1: arb
User 2: wb
от AmRightBack 04 февруари 2013
98 31
African Round Ball aka basketball
Jerome went to play some arb in the projects.
от herpn derpn 08 февруари 2014
0 8
A pollite term used to describe an arabic person
Person 1 : hey look at that arb over there!
Person 2 : yeah he's such an arb, i wonder if his name is abanoub?
от dylan123321 13 юли 2012
63 94
Always Riding Bitch. This is a person that always rides bitch in the car no matter how many times he calls shotgun or window.
We call our friend Ian A.R.B. because no matter how many times he calls shotgun, he always rides bitch.
от Josh and Nathan 11 януари 2004
5 42
I got an A.R.B man!
от bryce losch 16 декември 2008
5 45
slang for breasts, other times used to refer to women with big breasts or to make fun of a guy with this characteristic.
Man she has nice arbs.
Do you think those arbs are coming over for the party?
Dude, Jacob has arbs.
от Muarbs 17 октомври 2009
3 44
An epic typo by Mabinogi NA player "archranger" of the Alexina server. This word was meant to be "Narb" but he failed so epicly it turned out as "Arb" and the term slowly developed into the frequently used word we know today, ARB!
1). Eddward is an ARB at cross dressing.
от Refuserishere 29 юли 2011
3 50