Awsome to the "est" degree!
Tang thinks the Chinese are the awesomest.
от cz 30 ноември 2004
The coolest person in the universe.
Ronald Hopkins is one of the most awesomest people in the universe.
от Spam Freak 10 февруари 2010
To be more awesome then awesome itself.
You are the awesomist boss!
от matt 02 ноември 2003
"awesomest" meaning the most awesome of the all, the one and only awesome. Similar term being "bestest".
You are the most awesomest girl ever
от www-thisflighttonight-com 28 август 2010
To be ten times better at Unreal Tournament than anyone else.
Dude, you owned are the awesomest.
от Jeffrey Flower 09 януари 2004
It is a way of describing something or someone for example
Out of Alex and Shannon, Alex is the awesomest
от Numes 16 ноември 2013
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