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Beer pong with hard alcohal. (horrible aftermath)
"Yo! We're out of beer for pong!"
"Fuck it, lets use this gallon of gin!"
"That sounds like a bad idea."
*2 hours later*
"Dude who fucking shit on my iPod."
от Phill Roth 05 февруари 2006
71 9
A "Bad Idea" is when someone puts a light bulb up your anus, then breaks it by kicking you in the ass.
-"Hey man, why you in a wheelchair?"
-"Last night I had a "Bad Idea"
от Illestrader 14 ноември 2007
30 6
a term used by arnold schwarzenegger in the film "predator" just after he punches the predetor in the face. quite funny.

see also ugly mudda
bad idea.................
от the cool 1 known as stu 08 ноември 2004
13 5
Eating a girl out on her period. See also Spaghetti Take-Out
Man, what a bad idea
от Kirby Riot (Big Jillie) 24 ноември 2004
13 9
(noun) A person who having any sort of intimate contact with is looked badly at by everyone on the planet ever. (And if anyone disagrees they're psychotic). Someone who no one should ever get with. Not neccesarily ugly or smelly, just all around not right - more based on social habits.
Don't get with Bob, you know he's ALWAYS a bad idea.
от tclcttb 29 май 2005
9 7