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an aerola/nipple that is large enough to stand alone as whole boob; an aerola/nipple that is so large that you can't tell where it ends and the boobs begins
If it weren't for my bipple, my boob wouldn't even fill an A CUP.
от Maude 22 април 2004
A nipple on someone's back caused by back fat and bra straps
от Jesssssss1264 11 ноември 2013
A burger nipple (a huge nipple!)
Chloe: "Ah, Phoebe! what is that?"
Phoebe: "Its my Bipple"
Chloe: "Thats one cool Bipple."
от SexyBeast0394 02 декември 2009
Balls that have nipples!
" it puts da lotion on da bipples"
от teamBipples 23 септември 2011
it is what you get when you cross a nipple and a boob.
Those girls were having lesbian sex about a month ago, and now the sonogram said that their child would have one huge bipple in the middle of their chest.
от artre 21 март 2006
a nipple on the bottom of a ball sack
dam his bipple is huge
от sam david and zack 09 септември 2008
a very big nipple
dam she gots a bipple
от andy tran 23 март 2003
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