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A Korean dude who muds like a maniac and farts uncontrollably.
Dude, Eric is such a bobo these days.
от Intel 30 юли 2004
Generic, no-name shoes or even worse shoes with corny names (i.e. pro-wings, avia, sike (just glue it), four-stripe adidas, ragamuffinpinwheelsdeluxe. . .).
Bobos, they make your feet feel fine,
Bobos, they cost a dollar ninety-nine. . .
от stop or my mom will shoot 03 февруари 2005
A large penis.
Girl: Dang You got a Big ass Bobo. Can I give you a blow job?
Guy: Yea, suck my ball sack too.
от Dr. Bobo 31 декември 2009
what a child might say when wanting to go to bed
Mummy can I go bo bo's now
от HarmonyCha 07 юни 2009
another name for a a bj
Dude, did she give you Bo Bo's?
от Nick_Manning 08 май 2009
Bobo, pron. boboo (masc)/ boba (fem).
Portuguese for fool, foolish, simple, silly thing, dumb, idiot, stupid, a clown, a dolt, a tool, a cretin. A buffon, jester.

Stop playing the bobo/boboo, Jared!
от Heidi Lamar 13 април 2009
a person who portrays a clown-like moron. someone who takes too many e pills at raves and continues to harass other people at the rave. a person who smokes crack alone. someone who doesn't know how to carry their child correctly. a 14 year old girl smoking a cigarette. wearing running shoes when you're clearly not running. someone on PCP who scales 12 foot cement walls. someone who goes to community college and fails. a young latino couple making out. people who sleep in til 1 PM.
bobo the clown, WOO!-ers, gardeners, tweakers, heather locklear, lifetime network, third wheelers, michael jackson, daylight savings time
от idontknowidontknow 13 април 2009

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