Nickname for Boguski. Sometimes confused with the first definition.
"Hey, Bog, how'd I do on the test?"
"Was the test real? How do you know that?"
от Kuma 26 февруари 2004
A Cigarette
Hey man, can I bum a bog?
от Lenchodelcarteadios 16 септември 2009
another word for bad
'the sale of skinny jeans at topshop has ended'
'oh thats bog!'
от hanflab 14 август 2008
battery operated girlfriend. (sex toy for men)
last night i used my bog
от maxrix 09 юни 2005
bog is sweedish for sex
sweedish man: hey fancy some bog?
random person:Bog? WTF
от Mark williams 22 май 2005
fuckin gay word that Domann uses.
i had sex with anne in a bog once
от stevefarr 10 май 2005
To be sad or dissapointed; not happy
I am bog, I miss her
от Dre 09 февруари 2004

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