Big Ol' Gal - A southern expression describing a large girl.
The BOG's were out at Walmart today.
#fat girls #bbw #whoppers #fatties #amazons
от poppa jayroe 16 август 2010
A Cigarette
Hey man, can I bum a bog?
#cig #fag #cigarette #smoke #boggy
от Lenchodelcarteadios 16 септември 2009
another word for bad
'the sale of skinny jeans at topshop has ended'
'oh thats bog!'
#bad #crap #pooey #awful #awfuk
от hanflab 14 август 2008
battery operated girlfriend. (sex toy for men)
last night i used my bog
от maxrix 09 юни 2005
bog is sweedish for sex
sweedish man: hey fancy some bog?
random person:Bog? WTF
от Mark williams 22 май 2005
Nickname for Boguski. Sometimes confused with the first definition.
"Hey, Bog, how'd I do on the test?"
"Was the test real? How do you know that?"
от Kuma 26 февруари 2004
To be sad or dissapointed; not happy
I am bog, I miss her
от Dre 09 февруари 2004
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