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Describes a girl who is the alpha-female or the queen bee. She is gettin paid, stayin fly, and is the leader of her crew. Respected by all, loved by some.
"I'm Bossy!
I'm the first girl to scream on the track
I switched up the beat of the drum
That's right I brought all the boys to the yard
And that's right I'm the one that's tattooed on his arm..." -Kelis
от ash83xo 13 юни 2006
600 155
Assertive and narcisistic person. A natural leader.
She is bossy, and probably has a pair down there to produce all the testosterone.
от Gumba Gumba 14 април 2004
247 180
the epitome of coolness
Woahh...Taylor and lindsey are bossy!!! or wow...thats bossy!
от not sonya! 30 ноември 2006
120 115
beautiful, attractive, cool, stylin', all around great
Nathan, Ryan, and I are very bossy
от Chris Whitehead 28 юни 2007
81 100
a word used to describe the ultimate cool.
i just found twenty bucks in my jeans, bossy
от B-Turb 03 ноември 2006
58 104
fat or heavy. exceeds typical weight limit
geez, elizabeth, get all of your bossy off of my furniture.

elizabeth, you are so bossy.

wow, did you see how bossy elizabeth is?
от lee edward 19 април 2008
39 94
it means aight boi
aight bossy!!
от ur mum 29 септември 2003
21 268