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A band derived from the screamo-rap genre that has become known as crunkcore. There music has done to heavy metal what soulja boy did to rap music. They fail both lyrically and musically. They alter their vocals to try and make them sound like they can do something right. They are more concerned with their scene apperance than their music. In essence they are fucking faggots.
Bands that get my dick wet: system of a down, dethklok, chimaira, as i lay dying, devildriver, megadeth, winds of plague, behemoth, iron maiden, carnifex, skeleton witch, whitechapel, dark tranquility, kse, motorhead, dio, black sabbath, dope, arch enemy, amon amarth, in flames, arsonists get all the girls, veil of maya, rob zombie, disturbed, strapping young lad, death, job for a cowboy, dead silent slumber, black anvil, slayer, suicide silence, and lamb of god bands that don't: brokencyde
от Protagonistofatragedy236 09 май 2010
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Correct spelling: brokeNCYDE. Troll geniuses - the current shift paradigm in music trolling.
Just post brokeNCYDE videos's links in other "serious" music videos and witness the reactions
от CYFAWZ 15 октомври 2011
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Brokencyde is an American Crunkcore band from Albuquerque, New Mexico. Orginating in 2006 to present.
Brokencyde also has been called a disgrace to the music world by critics.
Brokencyde fan: OMG listen to this song.
Non-Brokencyde fan: by who?
Brokencyde fan: Brokencyde!
Non-Brokencyde fan: Hell no get that out of here!
от idkhahha 31 май 2011
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A band that's music is a mixture of Crunkcore, rap, hip-hop, and screamo. The band members names being Mikl, Se7en, Antz, and Phat J. They write music to make people happy and they care most about pleasing their fans. They don't give a shit what haters thing. They say "Keep on hatin, but if you don't like it don't listen to it mayne." In my opinion they are one of the best bands in the world they consider themselves a family btw.
Thomas: Hey man.

Ryan: Hey mayne waz up?

Thomas: Nothin much what did you just say?

Ryan: What Mayne? Yeah I learned it from Brokencyde!

Thomas: What's Brokencyde?

Ryan: My favorite band here wait I'll let you listen to them. (Takes out ipod and put an ear bud in Thomas's ear)

Thomas: Oh My fuck there great i'm so getting there songs on my Ipod when I get home. What did you say there name was?

Ryan: Brokencyde!
от ashellnic 02 януари 2012
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A band consisting of four Metro sexual/Homosexual males in there early and late twenties. Whose fans are young boys ages 13 to 16 and hopefully not on up, if so why?

Music style: Gaymo/screamo/Electronica < ? WTF is electronica?
I actually took time out of my day just to research the band which was pretty gay my fault and I found this quote on quote "best-band-ever-O-MY-GOD!!!" by followdarainbow1012. After finding this quote this where I stopped my research and came to the conclusion that this band is made for emo boys who dress like girls and young girls who dye there hair black, say they are punk and use the word "rad". My theory after all my research is that this band is really hot shit "yo" no really hot shit "yo" like from a dog taking a dump in central park by the tree on a 95 degree day in the middle of summer.
Brokencyde: Like teen pop bands Hanson, Backstreetboys, and Nysink < you know that band with they guy that slept with brittney spears not KFED but he is one of the other examples. If you bought his CD same on you!
от WTFiselectronica 14 юни 2009
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An albuquerque band KNown for their contrevesal lyrics and the false claims by mothers against brokencyde Genre(screamo/Rap) Cds Im not a fan but the kids like it with a single booty call featuring E-40 Not liked by many but the fans they do have a insanely devoted
Brokencyde is Similar to the millionairs and blood on the dance floor
от E-40bby 20 януари 2010
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A band that is popularwith young, scene/emo kids.

Has many popular songs with kids such as:
Get Crunk
True Love
Bree Bree
Blue Steel

brokeNCYDE: pronounced broke-inside.
"Dude i totaly went to a brokeNCYDE concert and they where crunk! they played my fave song, taking life from me!"
от slipknotmaggot23xbc13mofo 19 ноември 2009
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