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Cell phone in slang Spanish, but (of course) also admissible in Spanglish.

Modeled after "teléfono" (telephone), "celéfono" is way shorter and cooler than saying "teléfono celular."
Spanish: "Llamame en mi celéfono y vamos a hablar."

Spanglish: "Call me on mi celéfono and we'll hablar."
от Brian (Tomás) Indrelunas 05 август 2003

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See celéfono.
"I always forget to put the accent mark on celefono."
от Brian (Tomás) Indrelunas 05 август 2003
New word for cell phones. Rather than using the longer telefono celular.
Donde esta mi celefono?
от drevil77 12 май 2011