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"chi chi" is patois for termite (pest) and is a derogotary term for a homo-sexual. i.e. a gay person is as low as a termite
"chi chi man fi dead"
"bun out the chi chi"
от G Flex 16 септември 2003
Manchester has alot of chi chi men
от NiggaNig 27 октомври 2003
от Anonymous 30 септември 2003
gay men
ussually used by reggae homophobic people.
no chichi man in jamaica.
от joooo 23 юни 2006
a gay person
ateef, stop being a chichiman and leave the bwoy alone!
от atif 14 октомври 2003
A caribbean term which means homosexual
he is such a huge chichiman
от john smithie 13 юни 2006
Complete gay boy
That boy Darren is a chi chi man
от Jamain 19 май 2003

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