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One of the first Crust Punk bands that came out of N.Y.C. (C-Squat) born from the band No Commercial Value, Choking Victim refined the sound of Crack Rock punk and soon released a full length album entitled No Gods/No Managers. Choking Victim broke up and Leftover Crack, INDK, and Morning Glory grew from it's remains.
Choking V
Morning G
You're death'll be sweet if you wanna be a cop

I <3 Choking Victim
от FlakAttack 27 август 2006
59 11
-punk/ska band from NYC.

-started Crack Rocksteady

-now known as Leftover Crack
"we have no rights, we have no future.
no reasons why, just born to die"
-choking victim
от Aaron 28 юли 2003
114 20
An awesome Hardcore punk ska band from new York.
Choking Victim is the best
от Larry 16 май 2003
69 16
Larry hit the nail on the head
Fuck you emo kids go cry over your girlfriends im going to listen to some choking victim.
от Bob Anonymous 11 юли 2003
59 32