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(Noun) A whore that craves the cock. She loves to rub it, suck it, and feel it in her. Also loves the feel of your jizz on her bare skin.
Dude, look at that rare corn fed cum guzzeling, dumpster diving North Easter NC variety of the cock monster. She loves the wang.
от Ali T 08 април 2003
240 80
(n.) A crazy nymphomaniacal and usually sociopathic slut who craves the wang on a constant basis and does not let marriage or commitment get in the way. She is unstable and thinks she is better than everyone else, and will suck the life blood from her victims. See also, "succubus."
"Hold on, dude. Shit, the cockmonsters on the phone..."
от exactly 03 април 2003
60 15
(n.) Cockmonster is a protein thief. Cockmonster will suck you off beyond release. Cockmonster is a nasty beast.
That cockmonster will suck you off so good - they're pros!
от cm victim 06 януари 2008
32 17
A chick who loves to suck cock. More than anything. She is usually very talented at it from having lots of practice.
Man I was with a real Cock-Monster last night. She gobbled it down like nothing I've ever had before.
от moonstar73 04 октомври 2006
12 2
A man usually with a beard and crooked teeth who loves to perform felatio on other males. The cock monster is a sub species of homo cock suckus.
Man this guy at a bar just got beat with a high heel.

He probably tried to steal that chicks boyfriend.

Yeah what a cockmonster
от Lifeofriley55 04 април 2011
16 8
45 year old drunk chick named Alice that loves to get drunk and suck cock.
Damn, Alice sure was a cockmonster last night at the bar.
от Richard Stiffrod 07 януари 2004
17 25
A blue hairy monster that bites your cock off and eats it.
AAH! Watch out! A cockmonster!

от GuyNextDoor 11 май 2006
11 24