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South American slang for a person from Colombia. Male- Colocho Female- Colocha
Esos colochos siempre envueltos en esa baina d la droga
от CtLimon 07 юни 2010

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Central American and Mexican (from the far south) word synonym to curly. I heard someone from Colombia use it.
Esa colocha está bien bonita.
(That curly (colocha) girl is really cute!)
от C. Augusto Valdés 24 юли 2004
colochos means curls or curly hair in spanish.
person 1- "me gustan tus colochos"

person 2- "MUCHAS GRACIAS"

person 1- "de nada"


"i like your curls"

"thank you"

"no problem (your welcome)"
от dar-lean 28 юли 2008