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A less extreme version of the exclamation, "shit on a shingle" used by the writers of Twisted Toyfare Theatre.
Person 1: I had sex with your mom.
Person 2: Well crap in a hat.
от Turd Furgusen 06 ноември 2005

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online useable word for crap or shit. Typing this instead of crap in a hat will avoid most antispam/swear programms in online gaming (punk buster, etc.) since they are trained to the single words only
This will get you kicked:
Player 2 (H&k MP5) Player 1
-Player 1- : CRAP!

While this will leave you playing...unless people decide to kick you...
Player 2 (H&k MP5) Player 1
-Player 1- : CRAPINAHAT!
от iPoke 27 март 2007
excretion in any type of headgear

when your beeing chased by evil things
crap in a hat
от Monkeyshiner 22 януари 2004