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1. n. What appears on your dippity when you leave it out overnight.

2. n. A brand of hair gel introduced in the 1950's.
1. When I looked out the window, I saw that my dippity was covered with dippity doo.

2. When I looked out the window, I saw that my dippity was covered with Dippity-Doo. Weird.
от Captain Spaulding 29 октомври 2003
28 14
What John Reuben is doin'.
"Reuben, what is he dippity doin'?"
(It's a song, and John Reu is rippity tarkin'! Look at tarkin' if you wanna find out what John Reu is.)
от Emma 26 август 2003
18 14
When one indulges in sexual activities.
She dippity dooed all night long
от Jaz123456789 25 ноември 2010
5 2
To have sexual intercourse quickly and in a public place While someone is waiting for you or you have to be somewhere.
Me and my girl were at the dentists office today and could not help ourselves, We just had to dippity-doo in the waiting room.
от Rumblefish 06 октомври 2007
10 8
A really f'd up hairstyle
You best put on a hat and cover up your dippity doo.
от High Priest in the Manner of Melchezidek 22 август 2003
9 17
Sticking a chicks head in the toilet and constantly flushing, by depressing the handle with your left foot (until she begs you for a chili dog) while your balls deep. Also known as brooksn'
She had an attitude when I got home, but a quick trip to the bathroom and a "dippity-doo" had her singing a new tune
от Donkey 27 май 2004
7 28