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Used by lady gaga in her song "love game"
I wanna take a ride on your disco stick
от Glyka 19 юли 2013
16 4
1. See Penis.

2. A sex move - a man snaps glowsticks of various colours and pours the liquid on his genitals, producing a 'psychadelic' effect during intercourse in the dark.

3. A pop culture allusion made by Lady GaGa to a penis.
"Last night I rode Michael's disco stick!"

"Let's have some fun,
this beat is sick
I wanna take a rid on your disco stick."
от madameJESUS 08 март 2009
1940 906
An almost magical device (originally created for helping adhesions with C-Section surgery) that gives women intense orgasms through their clothing! Gives a whole new meaning to going dancing with the Disco Stick.
I don't care where we go dancing tonight as long as they have a Disco Stick. God I need a discostick tonight!
от TheDiscoStick 03 май 2011
861 121
A code word for a guy's penis.
"Let's have some fun, this beat is sick; i wanna take a ride on your discostick."

(Lady Gaga)
от Sup824 15 януари 2009
168 114
Lady Gaga's penis.
The flap of skin the doctors removed was really just her disco stick.
от Southern Tiger 01 септември 2009
1216 1210
penis; dick
Give me your discostick!
от CamiWay 19 юли 2009
45 96
an elaborate, flashing,squirming and vibrating dildo.
i was pleasantly shocked when my one night stand produced and unleashed a mind blowing disco stick on herself !!
от david lazarus 09 януари 2006
752 871