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A ducktard is basically a fucktard, excpet that you get a pretty funny visual after calling them a ducktard.
You are a ducktard. (Then you snicker to yourself the immage of their head on a retarded ducks body.)
от dan 25 юли 2004
A Retarded person who has a big upper lip making him look look a duck
Fly away ducktard!!!
#duck #retard #upper #lip #fly
от figglewaggle 19 декември 2006
Woman Pouting lips in a photograph in an attempt to look more attractive but failing miserably.
Check out that drunk herd of ducktards.
#bimbo #photowhore #blonde slapper #tramp #skank #snookie.
от Starkweather-G 23 октомври 2011
A retarded duck. Usually characterised by the duck repeatedly dipping its head underwater, trying to swim upside down or losing its family.
Look at that freaking ducktard. What the hell is it trying to accomplish?
#duck #retard #freak #bird #seagull #swim #underwater #upside down
от pukka pockerzz 07 април 2010
People who watch Duck Dynasty on a regular basis.
Anyone appearing on the Duck Dynasty show or attending Duck Dynasty public events.
Fans of Duck Dynasty who hate Gays Lesbians Bisexuals or Transgenders (LGBTs) for religious purposes.
Any person, place or object proclaiming intolerance of Gays Lesbians Bisexuals or Transgenders (LGBTs) for any reason.
Anyone wearing Duck Dynasty clothing or other items promoting the killing of ducks and hatred of LGBTs.
Any company that uses the bearded Duck Dynasty Taliban to advertise their product(s).
Anyone who believes older men should marry young girls because they are better "duck-pluckers" at a young age.
Politicians or persons in authority who oppose equal rights and opportunities for LGBTs for any reason.
Politicians who invite or stand near any Duck Dynasty family member attending the State of the Union Address.
Anyone with a picture of the bearded Duck Dynasty Taliban on their web page or in their home or office.
Hey, look - all this Ducktard merchandise is made in Bangladesh or China, and look at that Ducktard wearing that stupid Ducktard hat!
Once I found out that my favorite chicken restaurant went Ducktard, they'll never get another penny from me.
#duck dynasty #taliban #homophobia #bigots #bigotry #anti-americans #conservatives #intolerance #lgbts #pedophilia #inbreds #dementia
от Frodogar 22 февруари 2014
A duck hunter who thinks that if they have the latest equipment and black hoodie, they will appear to know what they are doing. Term coined on the Sneakbox to describe the vasy majority of the members of the Gay Blue Site.
That guy has a Jeff Foiles autograph series lip balm holder on his call lanyard, what a fucking ducktard.
#duck #hunter #black #hoodie #ghey
от Curt Gowdy 23 февруари 2012
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