A jawn who has a jew-fro, and stabbed himself with a butter knife by tripping over his dog, then decides to hook up with a girl that he met in the hospital that OD on herion, and HE LOVES TO PUT BIG DIPPS IN
did you see that erik put that huge dip in??

that erik tripped over a dog and nearly died!!! lol
от jawnmaster 26 януари 2011
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The heterosexual way of spelling the name Eric.
The name implies many meanings:
-awesome beyond comparison (adj.)
-stunningly handsome and suave (adj.)
-able to attract large numbers of women without using any effort (verb)
-able to do all things exceedingly well (verb)
Wow! That pass was freaking erik!

Woman 1: Did you see that really erik guy?
Woman 2: Yeah, I'd totally hook up with him!

Fred: Man, why does Todd always get so many women?
Jeff: Because he can erik better than anyone!

Boss: You must have worked incredibly hard on this report. I think you erik better than anyone I've ever seen!
от Erik Bernstein 28 октомври 2006
An extremely sexy and perfect man. Has gorgeous eyes, an incredible personality. Shy at first, funny as hell once you get to know him. Very caring and wonderously intelligent. Easy to get along with, SEXY body. The best in bed. Turns you on without even trying, has an underlying sex appeal that he's unaware of. Very handsome and mysterious. Loves to cuddle, very loving and knows how to make you feel like the most important person in the whole world with just one look.

Very rare species of male. One of a kind. Erik's make perfect boyfriends, could easily be the one you spend the rest of your life with. Living proof of perfection.
- WOW you're perfect!

- Well, my name is Erik..
от T0UF3R 25 юли 2009
a masculine and sexy Scandinavian man; one whom you wish was a Viking, so he could pillage you.
Girl 1: Mmmm...check out that Erik over there.

Girl 2: Oh, yeah. I'd let him pillage my village.
от Nonny Fofode 10 юни 2008
To be in good company no matter where you are. Usually athletic, strong, good looking, tall, and commands attention when walking into a room. Also associated with ruling as a king. The Erik Effect: Results in unrlenting female attention and late nights!
bf to his gf: "Hey who is that guy that just got to your party?"
gf to her bf: "oh thats Erik I just met him today and DAMN he looks hot!"
bf to his gf: "why you acting like a slut around that guy?"
gf to her bf: "Cuz if you saw his dick you would to"
от kling 26 октомври 2006
That one guy you'll always have a thing for. Girls who like him never stop, maybe it's his freaking good looks. He has eyes that you could find yourself lost staring into. He's the party guy, and always lightens the mood. Often friends with an Eric. He is usually tall, and plays lots of sports, including basketball because of his height. He has so many girls in love with him, but he never notices. He's a strait up player though. His body is like an Abercrombie model. When he finally does settle down, it always seems to be with an Emily... those lucky bitches!
Girl one: "So who do you like?"

Girl two: "Hmm Erik..."

Girl one: "Still?!"

Girl two: " Idk, there's just something about him, I can't get over him!"
от idatedoneiknow 12 декември 2011
Erik, is a a guy who takes your breathe away. He is charming, handsome, and amazing in every way. Erik, is my dream guy. He is shy, and hard to read, but once you meet a Erik, he stays in your heart forever, Even after he is gone. Erik, I will always love you....
Who is that guy she is with?
That is Erik, she is trully in love with him..
от pamper2goog 27 февруари 2010
One who secretly loves watching chick flicks. His favorite time of the year is Valentine's Day where he can literally have a tough time deciding what movie to see.

Will have a large selection of manly movies in his archives to hide the fact that he would rather get a parafin wax than play football or go to the bar with his friends. Open up a movie. I'll bet Nottinghill falls out.

Beware of the man trampstamp, he's either got one or planning for it.
Dan: Hey Rick, lets go to the gym, then to the bar and pull chicks.
Rick: Sounds good, I could use a good pump. Should we ask you know who to join us?
Dan: Are you kidding me, his night is already spoken for. He's hitting the salon, then a few chick flicks with his lady. Man, it's not even February.

Rick: He is such an Erik.
от BigNeeko 20 февруари 2010
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