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Individuals who perform idiotic acts or act foolishly
lighting a firecracker in a car only a foolieo would do that
от CLO~~~ 02 февруари 2010

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dumb dumber dumbest fooliest
A rapper with a high voice, who raps rymes he don't even know
No example avalibale
от doug John 02 декември 2004
dan patel is not a foolieo he is coolieo. minty is the original Foolieo and if u search mintysoreass it explains him very well, minty is a little pussy and is a greyshobber look up this word aswell it also describes him very well.
oooh look who it is, its dat bloody foolieo jonathan "gay boy " minto lets kick the shit into him

ook then
от pot noodle boy 14 януари 2004
dan patel
"dan patels a foolieo"
от Minty 07 януари 2004