Greenwich is a town that started it all. Founded in the 1700's, as a retreat for the leaders of the world, to get away from all the congested, hectic life of the growing city of Manhattan and Boston. Leaders kept their prized white horses, in stables built of Gold. Today it has transformed into a suburb known for the best. Home to the Rockefellers,Tycons, Kennedys, Penskes,Hillfieger, and all the top Ceo's of either Ge down to Wyeth, Greenwich has got it. A place where polo really started, always haveing the best, to the top of the line schools trainers, and transit system. Crusing down the streets of Greenwich is like reading Town & Country,AD, and the dupont registrey, all at once. The Nannys drive Range Rovers, the mothers are usually driven by an attractive drivers either in a Bentley(but the real must have these days are the Maybachs), but the best is passing the gates upon gates, each Mansion different from the rest and all have been featured in trendy home magazines. The kids have usually seen the whole world by 6 and by 14 are sent off to the best boarding schools in the world. Every Greenwich Child must have the following.
1.)Private Tutors till the age of 8
2.)Several Horses, one is never enogh
3.)Trainers in Polo, Crew, Squash, Tennis, Golf
4.)Daily Shrink(its a must have)
5.)(Age 5), 1 Range Rover Power Wheels,a custum play house with kitchen powder room, air condtion,a garage for the Range, and a meditation room, with sauna and garden.
6.)(Age 16) 1 Range Rover,& 1 aston martin, custum designer, atleast twice a month fly to somewhere warm to keep the tan,private fitness trainers, and one JAP(jewish American Princes)friend. But ones GREENY, 16th party must be above $100,000 if not, then u should just shop at sears.
7.) If you dont pop ur collar then u should just simply be shot by ones bodyguard.
The simple rules must be followed if not, then simply move to Hartford.
I live in Greenwich.
She must party with Paris Hilton.
от devon 16 февруари 2005
A pimpin town near the nyc where all the ghetto pimps roll and go to brunswick. the wick is the pimpinist school around and kicks gcds ass.
GCDS kid - yo man, im cool, im from greenwich
Wick kid - fuck off whitey, you aint pimp enough for the G-Town
от The Wick Wangsta 05 март 2007
A town that is so rich people have slaves who do everything for them. The kids drive around in lexus's and beemers and do copious amounts of drugs. Greenwich is clearly the richest town in in connecticut (richer then New Canann & Westport) and maybe even the country. This town is an unnartual experience!
I live here! thats right bitch
от greenwich 20 май 2005
a very, very rich town in southern Connecticut where the powerful men of wallstreet come to deposit their trophies: their trophy wives and children, and where the neighboring rich towns come to pay their homage to the original rich town that is fairfield county's diamond hub-control-center. here, there is absolutely nothing to do but don a polo shirt with the collar up and get fucked up on alcohol, prescription drugs or harder drugs and get arrested or sent to rehab. every kid here has at least five drug dealers beckoning him from his cellphone, and probably as many country clubs. teenagers invariably leave this town with a trustfund and various addictions. Parties are set in mansions and centered on the beirut (beerpong) games.
typical cellphone conversation:
girl: hey yo whats good for tonight?
guy: yo not much, donny's having people over, you should come.
girl: you got that white?
guy: yeah it's awesome shit, come to donny's i got that.
girl: aight i'll be there. peace.
от elizh 14 юли 2005
greenwich is simply the most boring and usesless yet richest town there is. If there were one word to describe this palce it would be poser. The favored lables here are either wanna be ghetto or extremely preppy. Of course there are some ghetto areas such as the projects or wilber peck, but even the people who live here arent exactly poor. Most people entertain themselves by smoking pot or by drinking and playing bay route at various parties. The style for girls is popped collared shirts in bright, colors short skirts, and either moccasins, ugg's, or snadles. The guys tend to wear collared shirts, jeans, nantuket red pants, or the new fab, plad shorts. Even the "ghetto" kids wear pink collared shirts just because they think its cool. Greenwich basically a place filled with badass teenagers.
Mike nosak and/or chris evans
от Keepin itreal 25 май 2005
a really, well most of it, if you live in cos cob, byram, or any other place like that you are not accepted, nor should you be. the black people are all frightening, and all the white people that live in those areas want to be black. POLO, everything that the non racially challeneged white people wear is polo, lacoste, abercromie or vineyard vines. greenwich is classy minus cos cob and byram, its better than darien and new canaan. at the schools in greenwich the kids are richer than the teachers and it is accepted, private jets and summer houses are nothing to get excited about, everyone "summers" in nantucket or marthas vineyard where they have summer houses, kids with houses from 1 million to 1.5 million dollars arent considered rich at all, to see houses in the paper anywhere from 15-30 million dollars isnt big news, greenwich is home to the most expensive home in connecticut it sold for over 50 million dollars (50 or 80 million canrt remeber) greenwich is a nice town, as long as you are in the right area, backcountry riverside and old greenwich oh and belle haven are mostly the only places to go other than that you will be faced with the ghetto people, that are loud and obnoxikous and are a disgrace to the town of greenwich, and yes, everyone is a stoner... everyone, kids getting high in the bathroom is nothing new, and if someone is wearing sunglasses in school you can guess why... also the most prevalent sports are water polo, lacrosse, and feild hockey if you dont do those you arent true greenwich
harry: hey ty wanna go driving my 'rents just got me my new bmw
tyler: yeah sure, its not.... a used car is it.....
harry: NO, if it were used it would ge tmy lacoste dirty, but on the other hand it would hide the smell of my pot
tyler: ok good....
tyler:where the hell are we
harry: oh no..... oh no.......... i think we are in......... byram
tyler: SHIT
haryy: lock the doors roll up the windows and look ahead dont make eyecontact
tyler: wheres our dealer....
harry: oh i got our stash in the locker room after lacrosse
tyler: ok good... last game of the season thank god school is over
harry: yeha im leaving for nantucket tomorrow for two months, god i cant stand liviing in that trash heap... it was like 2.5 million when we bought it,
tyler: thats disgusting.... the club opens next week, i cant wait
harry: thats straight any hot biddies there
tyler: you know it.............
от greenwichforlife 02 май 2005
Located in Connecticut, Greenwich is the most ghetto place to live, and six ghetto monks go to GCDS there and ball constantly.
Greenwich is an ill place to live
от Alex Ghaffari 04 май 2005

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