Nirvana doesn't fit into the category of music and neither do nay other band because everyone has a different meaning of grunge or punk or all those names you use to classify bands or an era under. Nirvana don't sound like any other band and they're an awsome band (the best in my opinion).

Greg Ginn said"The REM and Nirvana successes don't mean much to me except as a potential distraction for bands who want to cash in on the trend. Don't try to sound like someone else. REM and Nirvana don't sound like anyone else".

Tom petty said "Nirvana to me was the most significant thing since the Beatles"

grunge is a category of music
от zatck 30 ноември 2005
Lots of people have their opinions about Grunge. The name came from Mark Arm who described the sound of seattle bands in late 80s to mid 90s. But it lasted longer than that. Some claim Grunge is dead - It is not. The popularity has fallen, but so will Hip Hop. Blues had it down period for example. So if Grunge is dead then no one is listening to it - and people do. You have the most known metal dude from England who went over to seattle to check out how much in common grunge had with Metal. He soon found out that metal had less in common than what people think. so it is only an opinion. Then you have these people who claim Nirvana is not grunge. Nirvana is if you ask people - but claiming they were not grunge cos of popularity is like saying the fastest car in the world is not fast cos it is popular. It can not be defined by popularity. If you ask kurt cobain himself then grunge is punk that sounds grungy.continue on examples
..If you analyze what happened with chord progressions - it is very much the same as what is typical for punk. In a documentary from the seattle scene you have a guitar player showing that the chord progressions started going away from the traditional punk way of playing guitar - A chord was held longer in some places and done in different patterns. But what is punk really - it is going against the rules. That is what grunge did.Grunge has more in common with punk than metal. Thats why you have to agree with Cobain. Some say sound garden sounded the closest to metal - I would have to agree , but if you ask the band itself they will say that their music is different than from metal. I think it was cos of the same guitars used as typical as for metal bands and clothes - but if you are a musician you will tell the difference - If your into this. It is after all rock´n roll split into different subtitles. It is not a clear answer what grunge really is. Mark arm was describing the sound - and when all bands became hot cos of the hype then it is spread all around. Look at Hip Hop - no matter what opinion people have Hip Hop is the child that came from Rock. Rock from Blues. Pop from blues and rock. It all boils down to slaves in north America who sang out their troubles. So if you wonder where rock , pop , metal , grunge" or punk came from. Take a listen at son house - grinnin in your face. Peace
от Viking territory 03 май 2013
one of the best types of rock ever. better then hair metal who only cared about aperance then thier music. poetic-like lyrics, and dirty distorted guitar riffs. its such a shame no a days we have to listen to rap and hip hop that has no talent. if kurt cobain was still alive, im positive that rap and hip hop wouldent even be in existence. but grunge isint just nirvana, its also the smashing pumpkins, pearl jam, and last and posible the best grunge band ALICE IN CHAINS. its sad that layne had to die. but now alice in chains reformed with a new singer and are now touring with thier old songs. and also thay might be coming out with a new album. o ya.....i forgot the stone temple pilots.
grunge - amazing.
metal- good.
hair metal- all image no talent.
rock- the best type of music with the exeption of emo and the punk now a days.
punk- use to be good.
rap- crap.
hip hop- same as rap, either way thay both need to die out.
от GiantGio 02 февруари 2007
A way of life, living without care, not giving a fucking shit. Main stream describes it as a music genre but really most people who are grunge listen to alternative music mostly, along with rock metal and punk. Most of the style came from the west coast, Seattle being a major input but also Cali and Nevada helped with large populations of grunge.

Some of you almost got it. But the rest of you... Go fuck yourself, you will never get it.
Living a grunge lifestyle you do a lot less laundry.
от mental terrorist 15 януари 2013
a word that people who knew nothing about nirvana (the ones with only nevermind and all they listen to is smells like teen spirit) labeled them although in interviews they said they did not think of themselves as grunge. the true "grungers" didnt think of themslelves as grunge either. just a label. they called themselves punk. hard to believe huh
Stupid Smells Like Teen Spirit Addicted Ritalin Crack ho: OH MY GOD GRUNGE IS NOT DEAD IT LIVES ON IN MY HEART (or some other emo shit)
от NaotaXL 24 август 2004
In the early and mid 1980s located near seattle, grunge was a subgenre of punk that included bands such as Green River,and The Melvins. Though these bands did combine heavy metal and punk, the word was to describe the tainted and lazy guitar sound. grunge was used to describe a fashion style, which included torn and faded jeans,and ratty t-shirts, as well as bands such as Nirvana, Stone Temple Pilots, and Alice in Chains. Grunge died.
Nirvana knocks my socks off.i love grunge.
от chris foxylady 13 ноември 2005
A music genre, mostly METAL sounding (inspired by metal bands such as Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple), with a very slight touch of punk (NOT PUNK BASED) which originated in Seattle in about 1984 with the rise of the band GREEN RIVER, who INVENTED it. Grunge was then mastered by SOUNDGARDEN who released perhaps the most definitive grunge CD, ULTRAMEGA OK in 1988, before they took a more straight heavy metal approach to their music (and incidently improved after each album). People often make the mistake that Nirvana were the "inventors" of grunge which is simply bullshit because they didn't make an album which got alot of recognition til 1991 (7 Years after the founding of the grunge genre). And Nirvana are often labelled the most best grunge band which is bullshit because ALICE IN CHAINS are way better as are SOUNDGARDEN, STONE TEMPLE PILOTS, SCREAMING TREES and MUDHONEY, quite simply because each of the bands mentioned write better songs including heavier, sludgier and grungier riffs, more skilful and ranging vocals, lyrics of grunge spirit and of course amazing drumming, complemented by difficult basslines as opposed to Nirvanas simple one note basslines.

Also, The Pixies, although a good band, are NOT the godfathers, or even influences of grunge. They formed after grunge had already been invented.
Black Sabbath are by right the godfathers of grunge, because they had the similar sounding heavy sludge riffs and vocals.

Some other great grunge albums worth buying are FACELIFT by ALICE IN CHAINS, BADMOTORFINGER by SOUNDGARDEN and CORE by STONE TEMPLE PILOTS
- Some Emo listening loser - 'Yo dude I'm a huge grunge fan!'
- Some TRUE GRUNGE fan - "What grunge bands do you like?"
- Some Emo listening loser - 'Nirvana, they are grunge, and they're the best'
- Some TRUE GRUNGE fan - "You're just a fucking retard, Nirvana didn't even fucking invent grunge and they're by far the most horribly overrated band of the grunge era, just compare their songs and their guitar solos, and drumming to a kick ass band like ALICE IN CHAINS. Buy the album FACELIFT then see who's a better band you retarded fuckwit"
от Someone who hates Emo 30 януари 2006

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