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absolutely sure
more acceptable to say if you actually have AIDS

from a South Park episode
"are you sure dude?" "yeah man, I'm HIV positive"
от Orangefizzlebiz 13 март 2008
95 13
This is a way of determining whether or not your friend is completely and totally sure of themselves when they are explaining something to you. Please see the examples for further explanation.
"Hey Tommy whats going on?"

"Jimmy I've got some bad news... The pigs went through our lockers today and found Adam's crack"

"Tommy.. Are you positive??"




от CHALK111111 23 юни 2013
8 2
so serious and positive that you are H.I.V. positive
guy 1: dude are you sure we should be doing this?
guy 2: im H.I.V. positive that we should
от b whit 13 март 2008
13 15