Located in China's South Coast of, Hong Kong is the gateway to the Pearl River Delta and overlooks the South China Sea. With one of the highest HDI in the world, Hong Kong is also one of the most modern, green and hi-tech city in China and also anywhere on the planet.

Returned to China in 1997 by the English Imperialist thugs after a century of exploitation and brutal occupation, Chinese people everywhere cheered at the riddance of the western invaders and at last Hong Kong was administered by Chinese people as a Special Administrative Region of China and not by some evil English monarchy dictatorship from the British Empire.

The life expectancy in Hong Kong is also the highest in the world with the age of the average Chinese woman living to 86.7 years.
What is the most modern and green city in China?
Answer: Hong Kong!

What is the life span of the average Chinese in Hong Kong?
Answer: 85 years!
от hk-all-day 14 октомври 2012
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A high tech ghetto, Hong Kong is the best place in Asia. Home of tall buildings, neon, and pirates. Also a great place to pick up cheap anime dvds...

Hong Kong is a living example of Gibson's cyberpunk future.
"If you think Japan is good, wait till you see Hong Kong"
от Straylight 24 юли 2003
A beautiful city in China. People mostly have the wrong image of it though.
No, Chinese people here don't work on rice fields, they are majorly in Finance and Banking.
Michael Kors(designer)
"Hong Kong is Beverly Hills on steroids"
от wizo 20 юни 2005
Best city in the godam world my homeland lol
I love Hong Kong
от Ken 29 май 2004
home of the free-est market in the world, with little or none government interference with much on business. Also very high-tech, second to Japan. Many people born the 1950-60's were part of the rags-to-riches generation. Many people invested in the property market, as it made many many people rich. This is how many could afford to immigrate to other countries. The property market peaked at early 1998, and crashed, thanks to the new Chinese government. This left many people bankrupt and unable to leave. Under British rule, Hong Kong set the example for the world as government no other interference with its people except to keep the law. China signed a 99-year lease to Britian, and was forced to hand Hong Kong back to China on July 1. 1997.

Unfortunately, Hong Kong is very small and many land is reclaimed. Also went through a major change in infrastructure with the new airport built in 1998. However, pre-1998 the airport was located in the heart of Hong Kong and was known for its breathtaking landings beside high-rise skyscrapers. Many of the "rags-to-riches" generation left Hong Kong for North America (mostly Canada) mostly between 1989-1997 (between Tianmen Square and the handover). People in Hong Kong are EXTREMELY hard working, students are under tremendous pressure to do well, and that is the reason many came to Canada, for a better life and a less stressful school life. The skyline of Hong Kong changes each year, as more and more buildings are put up and the old ones are being demolished. Public transportation is VERY efficient with the MTR system. The Airport Express stands out of the already world-class system. One of the landmarks of Hong Kong is the Tsing Ma Bridge, the world-class airport, its famous Victoria Skyline and the Peak. Also, Disneyland Hong Kong will be built in Fall 2005, be sure to visit it!
Hong Kong is truly a world-class city, its people are all hard-workers, and it truly does not deserve to be builled by the Chinese government.

I miss Hong Kong very much you can't even see it on the map

Let's listen to Nas- the world is yours while we walk to yum cha.
от gwai l0 02 август 2004
One of the wealthiest places on earth. We have our own legal, economic, and government system modeled after UK and is very different from the horrifying government they have in China. As a matter of fact, Hong Kong is one of most capitalistic place in the world. The People of Hong Kong preferred to be called Hong Konger or Hong Kongese because we do not want to nor need to share the notorious title of "Chinese" with them. For all those rednecks in America that thinks Hong Kong is under a communist system and share the same value of human right as China does, this is for you. I don't need to talk about the glamour of the Victoria Harbor because most educated people in the world are well aware of that. However, Hong Kong is indeed a very ghetto-ish place, like many big cities in the world, there are many slums in Hong Kong. The air is terrible in Hong Kong, thanks to our northern neighbor's industrialization. Many Mainlanders claim to dislike Hong Kong, yet many watch Hong Kong movies and listen to Hong Kong music, because the Mainland does not enjoy the high degree of cultural freedom as Hong Kong does. Hong Kong is a very green city, with 90% of the daily commute made by public transport. The Hong Kong culture is very different and unique, it is a mixture of western culture and Chinese culture, although some douche bags in Hong Kong are trying to make it feel all Chinese again just to please the Chinese. We got the best Chinese food here. People are terribly racist in Hong Kong, because over 90% of the population is ethnically Chinese, and there are always some Chinese rednecks in Hong Kong that think the foreigners are here because they want to take over Hong Kong. But most of the normal people here are still very foreigner-friendly and we would like to have different people from all over the world to add more diversity to our culture.
I love my homeland, Hong Kong!
от hongkongrocks 13 февруари 2009
The centre of Asia. If you can make it there, you can make it anywhere in Asia. Was once the world capital of capitalism until being handed over to a communism dictatorship. Most of the 7 million free people in the city however refuse to give in to tyranny however and are fighting hard for democrazy.
от Da Works 07 октомври 2003

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