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ok, alright
I'll call u up 2nite iight
от Shawtie 22 април 2003
ok,yes,alright,yea.slang version of ok
my momma said you can come over my house today ,iight
от breshell 15 април 2004
slang - used in place of "Alright" most commonly used in the New York area
*Secondary Spelling - Ite
Dude, you wanna come over later?
Iight, sounds good to me
от Cheesemonsta 25 септември 2007
iight- alright;cool;sure
1) iight then thnxz
2) iight with me
3) person 1: itz all good
person 2: haha iight then
от anonymousasian 04 април 2004
ok, thats cool
iight, sounds fun
от hayhay 03 ноември 2003
referring to something as being cool or ok
"did you see her ass?"
"yea, it was iight"
от FinestPowder 30 март 2009
A phrase continously repeated by Schlap. Often most used as he prepared for inspection, given that his shit's got to be right.
I'ight, I'ight, I'ight!
от The Schwartz 25 април 2004