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In this forum thread.
forum topic: ITT we make fun of you
от fuckyouanddie 02 май 2003
Usually done in all caps, it is the first post on a fourm
It directly mean In This Thread
ITT definitions of itt
от ss gif 19 януари 2008
Intense Testicular Tension
What I did last night caused me some ITT.
от The fat one. 13 август 2009
In total truth
ITT, I don't like her.
от alehaf 25 август 2009
I think that...
ITT I'm wrong compared to popular opinion but I'll post this definition anyway.
от Markavian 19 май 2009
i'd tap that...if you don't know what that means i'm surprised.
erica - oh..ITT
caileigh - what?
erica - i'd tap that
caileigh - alright thennn ericaaa.
от ITT 28 май 2008
ITS TURBO TIME! and that's it
ITT: black people (nigs)
от h8niggers 19 февруари 2008
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