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an art teacher with a 36 inch cock (hard)and fucks his students in the street.
Yo that jaeger guy fucks four girls at once!
от lucajamesalexjoeryangavincody 15 януари 2008
120 60
Noun - a measure of length equivalent to two hands and a mushroom cap
Mary: How big was his penis?
Joanie: It was a jaeger.
от hugh069 26 октомври 2011
27 10
The best guy in the entire world. He's adorable and sexy and amazing. He's the best boyfriend in the history of boyfriends.
I love you Jaeger.
от IloveJaeger323232 28 ноември 2012
21 11
v. to vomit; to vomit repeatedly
We don't let him drink because on New Years he Jaegered on the dining room table.
от J. D. Mackelfeather 07 януари 2011
23 13
A group of dude-bros. Similar usage to "flock" of sheep or "murder" of crows.
This party fuckin' died when that jaeger rolled up from Greek Row.
от K.Arthur Williamson 31 юли 2009
11 39