A trip brought about by the drug ketamine. It has somethings in common with OBE and astral travel, but often the person does not realise they are tripping or even anything about the reality they usualy frequent, it can be terrifying and twisted, a journey to pseudo enlightenment, a ten frame period of five minuets that repeat them selfs into eturnity or all of these things. It is truely an amasing experence that I can not liken to anything else I have experenced.
Not everyone who has done ketamine has experenced a k hole (as is evident from some of the other definitions), and the words k hole are often used to mean very ketamised and therefore unable to preform simple tasks or have a conversation.
I went in a k-hole flew over green feilds met some people I wouldn't meet in real life for another two months or so at a party, wondered how the fuck I was gonna get out of this circle then I realised that I am dead and death is just a transition and I am eturnal and I felt amasing and liberated. Five hours later I couldn't remember any of that.
от blahblhablah 09 май 2007
when consuming too much special k (ketamine)...you fall into this thing where your awake and know whats going on but cant move or do anything...it can last from 5 min-2 hrs
yoo i did like 4 jars last night i couldnt move for like an hour...k-holes suck
от sfmar 01 май 2005
When you get stuck in a daze on Ketamine, or Special K.
The other day on Ketamine I got stuck in a Khole for 3 hours...
от MelkorKing 02 май 2011
The strangest feeling you will ever experience while on Ketamine. On your first k-hole, you may feel like you're dying, or that you are in fact not in control of your body. You will more than likely not remember even being in a k-hole the next day. After the first k-hole, you will find that you are able to enjoy being in one.
Guy 1 - Why is that guy lying on the floor?
Guy 2 - K-hole
Guy 1 - Ahhh...
Guy on the floor - I'm dying!
от just say neigh 15 февруари 2011
When you eat to much Special - k cereal and then fall into a hole, throw up and then piss yourself.
Hey Dude I got the gooooods!!!
What is it???
Special-K diet cereal'
Pu' sum milk on da'shit
Mmmm Yum yum yum
Awww man R u pein yo'self homes???

от SUPA DEFINER 21 юни 2009
A drug slang term used to describe an "out-of-body" feeling induced by ketamine, or special k. This feeling cannot be controlled by the user and can happen unexpectedly. A ketamine user can be stuck in a k-hole but has control over it and basically has to ride out the experience.
I was stuck in a k-hole and it seemed like forever until i got out.
от D.Rock 28 декември 2006
The act of joining the involvement of a pointless argument, that never ends. Being pulled into a conversation or discussion that has no real ending or right answer.
IE: You got pulled into the khole and looked like such a douche!
от fightbac 04 февруари 2010
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