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i think it came from the mid-west
around 2000? somthing
cause alot of people from around there use that word

Lutha is the new meaning for gangsta
That's Lutha!
or just
от Bigashland 30 юли 2004

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luther luther vandross sang vandross
One of the nicknames for the late, great Luther Vandross.
от Got Me Going In Circles 07 май 2009
originated from malnurished pot-bellied ethopian kids in latter part of the 20th century.

1. meaning to have a rank taint.
2. a reference towards sexual inuendo.
3. lack of erections among the asian male population.
1. Damn dude, did you wash that rank ass lutha?
2. Sup hoe, how bout i put some of this lutha on that ass?
3. I would but Chang Chin is still battling a severe case of the lutha.
от bob sinclair 31 януари 2004