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originated on the television show "Futurama" by Zapp Brannigan's assistant Kif

used to express extreme dissapointment
oh monkey trumpets, i dropped my ice cream
от hans strudlehiemer 15 януари 2008
27 9
used to express extreme disapointment in a situation...
ted- hey bill did you know our physics final is tomorrow?

bill- Oh monkey trumpets! I forgot!
от -PRIZM- 17 януари 2008
9 2
the proper termonolgy for a "vuvuzela"
the spear chuckers were are so annoying when they blow their monkey trumpets at the soccer games
от krs42 13 юли 2010
4 2
A barking spider; a rusty sheriff's badge
"Christ on a bike, who's been tootling on their monkey trumpet?"
от andybased 30 април 2008
3 1