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Offensive, norwegian slang that can be directly translated as "Yo mama"
Can also be spelled "Mor di". Considered very offensive in the norwegian-pakistani community.
Morra di er mann! - Meaning your mama is male.
от 696969ANon69 25 октомври 2005

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A collection of flaming homosexual Norwegians aged 14 and under. Do to certain laws preventing homosexual sex, this group has taken up to terrorist activities such as denial of service attacks against torrent websites and official government facilities. Their leader, a 13 year old boy named M'Balls Ezhary, recently committed suicide after police broke in and seized his computer. He was to be charged under conspiracy of plotting a mass orgy with other members of the group.
I hear MORRADi likes the cock.
от SuperBowns 18 септември 2008