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A shortened form of the word motocross.
MX Action Mag kicks ass.
от Deez Nuts 08 септември 2004
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the most kickass sport ever. - motocross
mx is life.
от 42mxchicky 06 декември 2009
The gender neutral or gender queer formal pronoun, like Mr. or Mrs.
Pronounced "mix".
Person A: Hello (Ms./Mr.) Jones--

Person B: Actually, I go by Mx. Jones.
от Rhoslyn 18 август 2011
another abbreviation for "Motocross"
My friend loves to ride MX!
от Kaz! 31 май 2005
1. The forums at, as referred to by members of the site. This is as distinct from mx (small case), who is the site's admin. see also MXican.

2. A song by Deftones, from their Around the Fur album.
Dude, this one time, on MX... (the beginning of one of many MX stories doomed to not being understood by anyone outside the forums)
от sabdo 08 февруари 2004
An abbreviation used online of either Mexico or Mexican.
Cassandra grew up in mx so she's mx.
от PhantomSteve 02 ноември 2007
Street name for the particular British-manufactured quaalude, "Mandrax."
The Deftones make a reference to Mandrax with the name of their song 'MX' on the 'White Pony' album.
от Siegfried Zaga 21 май 2005

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