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Recreational use of nitrous oxide from cartridges used for making whipped cream.

The term was coined to represent the repetitive sound distortions induced by its use.
We spent way too much time on the weekend nanging.
от [real] 24 февруари 2005
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The repeated posting of unpopular opinions, particular racial and sexual slurs, which make other people gag. Derivative of the original usage which meant inhaling nitrous oxide.
Mary wouldn't stop nanging about a popular talk show host even though no one agreed.
от BeachSaint 26 януари 2008
something excellent.
man, that chocolate milkshake was nanging
от Nate Dogg69 04 септември 2006
more nang than nang
nang? nah, mate... it was nanging
от Keenooooo 20 декември 2005

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