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Massachusetts slang
1. Meaning cool
2. Can be used as a noun when someone does something stupid.
"That car is wicked frickin pissa"
"Dave your a pissa"
от anonymous 11 март 2004
254 89
when something is too awesome to describe.
the pats are wicked freakin pissa dude.
от Sheri' 09 юни 2005
100 35
From the old English “pisser” meaning something very unpleasant or painful. Local Massachusetts accent caused the “r” to be dropped and slang usage caused the meaning to be reversed, creating the word pissa.

An interesting development is that the Massachusetts accent also adds “r’s” to the end of words where they don’t belong. Consequently, people have started once again to say pisser.
That homerun Noma hit last night was pissa.
от WGN 21 април 2006
78 55
Really awesome, or bad.
New England slang.
"Oh my god, that car is pissa!"

"Joshua, thats just pissa, now I have to pay to replace their window".

от av 30 юли 2003
67 61
A really shitty version of pizza that tastes like burnt up dog shit
This Pizza is really shitty, its pissa
от BadMafucka 07 октомври 2010
25 36
hilariously funny. to piss yourself laughing.
"how funny was that movie"
"it was a pissa"
от caityjane 24 декември 2005
33 65
portuguese word for dick.
ai que grande pissa- oh what a big dick
от maria lizette 07 септември 2003
25 60