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A colloquial term used in reference to the popular sports / soft drink "Mountain Dew".
While hung over in the rocky mountains after a blinder night you may find a need to "get on the goat piss" in retrospect of the previous nights heavy drinking session.

In drinking such green coloured salty flavoured beverages some may comment : "Hard night eh?..On the goat piss I see" in reference to the consumption of the Rocky Mountain Goat Piss.

One would acknowledge this comment with a nod and knowing smile.
от Dj_Teknotimm 04 август 2011

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The brand of beer known as Coors Light.
"No way I'm drinking that Rocky Mountain goat piss; pour me a Guinness."
от Frank Carter 26 май 2005
Keystone Light or Coors Light beer.
I went to a FIJI party last night but all they had was rocky mountain goat piss, I was so pissed, at least give me some Bud!
от PhilZeller 29 октомври 2006